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A career in real estate in Meningie!

A career in real estate in Meningie!

A career in real estate in Meningie!

In July, we were pleased to host work experience for a local student from Meningie Addison Mammone. Addison expressed an interest in a career in real estate in Meningie, and we were happy to show her around recently. Over the week, Addison worked with various people from our team. During her time with us, we shared her around to gain a broad understanding of real estate. Addison worked with Kerry on Monday, Nicki on Tuesday, Luke on Wednesday at Meningie and Tiarnie on Friday at Tailem Bend.


Here’s Addison’s story!

Hi, I’m Addison Mammone and this week I was off to do work experience with Coorong Realty. Monday morning Kerry and I headed to the Tailem Bend office. When we arrived there, I started the morning off sorting out some holiday rental filing. After that I created some marketing pamphlets for the local Meningie business Happy Daise, which is for sale.

Tuesday, I got to experience another side of the business which was cleaning the holiday rentals. We cleaned three holiday rentals. It was so nice to experience and explore around Wellington and to see the beautiful rentals people book for a holiday.

We got back to the Tailem Bend office around mid-afternoon. I was shown how to do a block appraisal with Kerry which I found very interesting as I have never done it before. She explained why they do them. My mission was on Wednesday to finish them myself and then report back to Kerry.

Wednesday I was at the Meningie office with Luke. I finished off my appraisal task. I had to take ten photos of my own house and used them to type up a rental appraisal and a selling appraisal. which I really enjoyed creating.

After lunch, Luke and I headed out to the Coorong down Seven Mile Road. He showed me all the holiday rentals that Coorong Realty manage.

Friday, I got to work in the office back at Tailem Bend with Tiarnie, Luke and Nicki. I mainly worked with Tiarnie and got to see the Digital Marketing side of the business. We went out and about in Tailem Bend collecting content for social media. She talked to me about the newsletters and blogs they do. I was very surprised about all the things they do behind all the social media and newsletters.

I have really enjoyed my week working at Coorong Realty and with the team. I learnt lots that I can use later in life but most of all I had loads of fun.


A note from the team!

We really enjoyed showing Addison the ropes of real estate. Addison’s keen interest in EVERYTHING

 meant that our job was super east. Addison asked great questions and was prepared to give anything a go. Keep on shinning Addy! 



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