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Carbon Neutral Cabins

Carbon Neutral Cabins

Carbon Neutral Cabins

Coorong Cabins achieves Carbon Neutral Status

Nestled in the hillside at Noonameena near Meningie, are the award winning Coorong Cabins that were established in 2016, by Mik Batki.


With infinite care and attention to detail, these Cabins not only look good and feel good, but are kind to the environment.

Says Mik ‘we took extra care when designing the cabins to minimise energy consumption and maximise natural light, shade and orientation to make sure that the cabins were warm in winter and cool in summer‘.

And, this design work has paid off with Coorong Cabins recently achieving ‘Carbon Neutral‘ status when independently assessed against the Australian Government – Carbon Neutral Program Guidelines.

Mik Batki, of Coorong Cabins, has successfully achieved Carbon Neutral status

Mik explained that a number of factors were considered during the design phase including building design, solar power generation, rainwater harvesting, sustainable timber use, garden plantation and minimal fossil fuel use.  ‘We live in a fragile eco-system here on the Coorong and I wanted to make sure that we minimised our footprint and impact, especially as I was planning to start an accommodation business and increase visitors‘.

Building orientation Rainwater harvesting Sustainable firewood
Rainwater harvesting

Verandah orientation

Sustainable firewood


Thanks to Mik’s sustainable approach, visitors to the Coorong Cabins can now experience high quality accommodation that has little or no impact on the Coorong Eco-System.

Simon McKay, Director of Sol Energy, a South Australian energy services company specialising in low carbon system solutions, undertook an Environmental assessment of the Coorong Cabins site and found that the property produced a total savings of 413kg of CO2 in the first year of business.  Which for us, means that Coorong Cabins generated more energy than it used.

Simon observed that ‘formal Carbon Neutral accreditation is cost prohibitive to most small businesses, but our assessment shows that according to current guidelines, Coorong Cabins easily achieves Carbon Neutral status‘.

Want more technical information about Coorong Cabins Carbon Neutral Status? Check out their Environmental Statement_Coorong_Cabins here.

Inspired to get up and close to the Coorong and the Cabins – then jump over to Coorong Cabins or ask us, as we very proudly support Coorong Cabins their Booking Agent. 

Building orientation Verandah orientation Building orientation
Fresh produce Solar harvesting Solar harvesting

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