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Where to live in the Coorong? Wellington East!

Where to live in the Coorong?  Wellington East!

Where to live in the Coorong? Wellington East!

Wellington East

Wellington East, or for the historically inclined East Wellington, sits where the River Murray opens into Lake Alexandrina; the conclusion of the Murray-Darling system in South Australia.

A peaceful enclave of house proud permanent and holiday homes laid out in a pristine riverside development, its wide paths lead to shady manicured parks that overlook quaint lagoons where river birds execute perfect water landings. The occasional Houseboat silently ambles by with an ever-friendly wave.

Within 15 minutes of arrival, the relaxing overtones will have you exhaling slowly, while ‘City-fresh’ residents soon reset their dials to match the ambience. No one’s in a hurry here.

And this pretty community is fast becoming the worst kept secret ever.

Lifestyle is the word, and the word is out. The region is blossoming with permanent family homes, no longer just the holiday destination.



And why not? The times are indeed a-changin’. With so many careers now home based, a shift in thinking brings the realisation that it no longer matters where you live. Those that do commute are embracing it as a relaxing component to the daily routine. One company manager makes all his daily calls rolling through the countryside on his way to the office. He’s even admitted to extending the trip with ‘coffee ‘n cake stops’ in Langhorne Creek, the famed Wine Region. Now there’s incentive to take the scenic route. Thing is, that ‘daily commute’ may just become a past time, with an ever-growing host of exciting developments in the region.


The big guns include The Bend Motorsport Park at Tailem Bend, phase 2 of the Solar Farm at Tailem Bend,  the Ingham Chicken Farm at Ki Ki and the renovated Thomas Foods Factory in Murray Bridge. Add to this the plethora of small businesses popping up from Meningie to Tailem Bend, and you have a region alive with energy.

And that envious Wellington East lifestyle is tickling everyone’s fancy. Enjoy your favourite read on the deck with a fishing line? Tick that box.

A slow-boat river jaunt, or a squealing water-ski? Sorted. And kayaking with the kids in the lagoon is peace of mind. With The Bend International Motorsport Park just 10 mins away, it’s little wonder that the family wagon trains are heading east. 

From Adelaide, Wellington East is an hour’s easy drive with a choice on how scenic you’d like the drive to be. One route through the Langhorne Creek wine region will see you crossing the river at Wellington main via a 5-min Ferry ride.


An alternate is via the Princes Highway through Tailem Bend. Regardless of route, they’re all within 15 mins of each other.

As Australia copes with the pain of rising power, energy and infrastructure costs, Wellington East offers options on infrastructure costs with choices to live off grid, partially on grid or totally off grid. 

This enchanting community wears its heart on its sleeve and isn’t afraid to show it.

As I sat in the park taking in the tranquil lagoon, a resident wandered over with two coffees and pleasant conversation. I made that coffee last longer than it should’ve relishing the moment.

Imagine greeting the day with morning river walks, beautiful birdlife, and space for the kids in a year-round lifestyle setting.. Turn the imagining into an undertaking. Your family will love you for it.


Andy Seymour is a Creative Media Producer with family history in the Murray Mallee landscape. A resident of the region, his background in radio &TV production, written communication and entertainment experience bring colour to his video stories and articles that connect with the community. 

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